Asgardia National Award Design Contest Winners & Prizes

Moscow artist Denis Trusevich took 1st place, with two more Asgardians nearly tied for 2nd and 3rd.

After an open vote for the best design of the first ever Asgardia National Award, an undoubted winner has emerged: Moscow artist Denis Trusevich (see the sketch on the main photo). 22 Asgardians gave their votes for his medal draft design.

Denis gets the grand prize — Asgardia Resident status with no fee, and 100 Solars.

The runner-up, Aleksey Kulay, 11 Asgardians voted for his draft design, as well as third prize winner, Gregory de Jesus Valdenegro Hernandez, 10 votes, will also get a free year of residence (if they currently have a resident status — as of the date when the current one expires).

Congratulations to the winners of the Asgardia National Award design contest!

Anastasia Sinitskaya