Asgardia Parliament By-Elections: Digital Democracy in Action

Leo 15, 0004 (July 1, 2020), Asgardia’s Parliamentary by-elections officially kicked off. Asgardian Residents can vote and run for Parliament until Ophiuchus 25, 0004 (October 31, 2020).

Parliament of Asgardia opens its doors to new members — 55 seats are available today for Asgardian Residents to run and vote for. Each voter, including MP hopefuls, has 55 votes to fill out Asgardia’s Parliament with the candidates of their choice. 

Voters must be Residents, 18 or older, and MP candidates must be Residents born between 1939 and 1980. The election process is fully digital, in line with Asgardia’s unique digital democracy — everything happens on the Parliament By-Elections page, from voting to submitting your MP candidacy.

Several MP hopefuls have already published their programs and began their campaigns, and Asgardia encourages more Residents to join and help build the future of the Space Nation.

Here’s a message from Chair of Parliament Lembit Öpik on the ongoing by-elections:

You can learn more about the by-elections on their official page and on social media via the #AsgardiaByelections0004 hashtag.

Vina Lapkes