"Asgardia is absolutely new credible space"

Speaking to the attendees at Caspian Week, Irina Nikitina, Chair of Asgardia's Parliamentary Culture Committee, explained why she had chosen to become part of the Space Nation.

- What is Asgardia? Asgardia is absolutely new credible space, а space nation. Why am I involved in Asgardia? Because it is something that has no borders: no national borders, no religious borders, no borders at all. You know that you are quite free. And you can choose this country, this new kind of freedom. This is just a bare organisation now, but what will happen we will see, let say, in couple years. And now it is just started, but it is absolutely new project. If you do not believe in this idea, you should remind yourself that a hundred years ago nobody would have believe in a cell phone, and even twenty years ago you could not imagine a phone call to your grandmother with videostreaming via Skype, for example. There are many subjects like this that people prefer not to believe. And why we don’t believe in miracles? If we don’t believe in miracles, we are just living without a dream, we are very practical people. I prefer not to be very practical, I prefer to be romantic. It’s why I choose Asgardia.

Jessica Zeitz