Asgardia Takes First Steps To Self-sufficiency

Asgardia is entering an important new phase of its development. In accordance with the Head of Nation’s latest Decree Asgardia will no longer be accepting donations as of October 01, 2018 (September 22, 0002)

During Parliament’s autumn session, which will take place October 10-12, 2018 ( October 3-5, 0002) pivotal Citizenship law will be voted upon

The new legislation will regulate the amounts, time limits, and rules of accepting fees and payments. 

The Administration is grateful for all the support given by donors, those who have helped to develop the Space Nation, and for the willingness and readiness that citizens have shown by playing an active role in the realisation of Asgardia’s vision.

All those who have made donations - regardless of the amount - from the October 12, 2016 (October 05, 0000) through to the October 01, 2018 (September 22, 0002), will be exempt from paying the civic fee in 2019. 

Residents who are among the first 100,000 registered Asgardians (to see your personal Asgardian number please visit your personal profile on Asgardia website and see the number in the middle section of your full ID number on your Certificate) are a part of Asgardia’s ‘Golden Hundred Thousand’, and will be exempt from paying civic fees in 2019.

You can still take advantage of this benefit if you are part of the ‘Golden Hundred Thousand’ as a follower by becoming a resident. For this visit your profile, fill out all the mandatory fields, and accept the Constitution. 

If any questions regarding the benefits of "Golden Hundred Thousand" or first donors, please write to

The list of donors: