Asgardia Warns About a Space Threat

A prominent British newspaper The Daily Express brought up our planet’s vulnerability to the outer space threats: the protection of the Earth is the priority on Asgardia’s agenda. The First Space Nation’s scientists and administrators emphasize the fact that the only way to guarantee the survival of the human race is to establish extraterrestrial colonies supporting a full life cycle and providing the appropriate childbirth conditions in space

Currently, solar storms seem to be one of the biggest dangers the earthlings should beware of. “One key step is to harden electronic and electrical infrastructure so that the Internet, national electricity grids, and telecommunications networks can withstand a solar eruption. Solar storms can erupt at any time and can cause widespread damage – we must be prepared,”- points out Dr. Lena De Winne, Asgardia’s Minister of Information and Communication.

The safety of the human race and its current habitat is the cornerstone of its future life and prosperity in the Universe. Therefore, “Asgardia is committed, as a community of citizens of more than 200 countries, to investing in scientific affairs, to researching and preparing appropriate defence mechanisms to tackle superstorms and to caring equally about all humanity as well as its citizens”. This is the first step before the Space Nation’s communities make it to the Moon to start the first free settlements there.

Both the Asgardians and other leading scientists constantly warn the terrestrials about space hazards like solar storms as well as comets and asteroids which have already destroyed life on Earth in the past. For instance, Yuta Notsu, one of the top researchers at the University of Colorado, draws our attention to the fact that superflares in the Sun is something we can experience in the next 100 years.

Like the Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli emphasized in his speech at Asgardia First Executive Congress in Vienna in April 2019, “one of Asgardia’s priority missions is the birth of a human child in space. It must be achieved within the next 20-25 years. Once a child is born in space, this will mean that humanity will continue forever, even if something happens to the Earth”.