Asgardia working towards global brand recognition

June 04-06, 2019, Las Vegas will play host to an influential trade show, The Licensing Expo, attended by the Asgardian delegation, lead by Trade and Commerce Minister, to let the world know that the Space Nation is open for business

The Asgardian delegation, led by Minister for Trade and Commerce Stephane Caiveau, will include the Justice Minister, Markus Gronbach and the Equity and Resources Minister, Yana Smelyansky.

These three areas, brought together — Trade and Commerce, Justice, Equity and Resources — equip Asgardia with all the tools necessary to properly represent the needs of the Space Nation, ensuring that all possible agreements are examined from multiple angles.

Attending the Expo will open doors for Asgardia to form partnerships that will enable it to debris a revenue by developing products and services that are tailored for Asgardians and space enthusiasts that will feed directly back into Asgardia’s own development to help cover costs and fund initiatives such as satellites research and development of satellites that will make up our communications nexus in space.

Mr. Caiveau said that his task at the Expo was to 'recognise and create new business opportunities for Asgardia to continue to build and strengthen the Asgardian brands and to generate revenue for the Nation'.

Asgardia’s objective at the Trade Show is to make itself known and to continue building its global recognition. With a growing interest in Space, Asgardia can make a good partner for big brands and will be the best partner to carry their brand forward in the space trend.

Asgardia’s Ministers will seek to network and gain the contacts of potential investors and investigate the possibility of licensing opportunities and co-branding opportunities. It will also be seeking to make connections with suppliers who could be involved in the production of Asgardia-themed and branded products.

“We are a brand that is here to stay and we want to grow into a nation of 150 million people. We need to be seen as one brand, one message, one global community. Interest in space is growing. Asgardia is at the forefront of the space movement and we want to be recognised for this and act as a catalyst of growth for other brands who want to ride this new trend,” Mr. Caiveau added.

For over 35 years, the Licensing Expo has been connecting some of the world’s most influential brand owners and agents representing consumer good manufacturers, licensees and retailers. Over 16,000 people from more than 65 countries and 5,000 of the world’s top brands are expected to attend the Expo to form connections and sign contracts.

Events like the Licencing Expo are where brands come together with manufacturers, create products and expand ideas and intellectual developments into the physical world. Brands like Marvel, Aardman and Lucas Film have used this platform to create everything from collectables to TV shows, and everything in-between.

Asgardia has a range of milestones that it needs to achieve before it is able to fully walk shoulder-to-shoulder with other Nations. Achieving financial self-sufficiency is one of Asgardia’s chief goals; the Expo attendance by some of Asgardia’s top officials shows that the Space Nation is beginning to open its doors to the outside world, and that is ready to do business.

Ivan Cheberko