Asgardian Business Partnership Program: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Asgardian Business Partnership Program: bring your business to the fast-growing digital economy of the First Space Nation. 


Building an economy from scratch isn’t an easy task, so what’s the ultimate goal of this ongoing fundamental process? Asgardia aims to provide the best conditions for business, create a whole ecosystem of services and goods and benefit Asgardians, entrepreneurs and investors. 


Today, the First Space Nation invites businesses from all around the globe to join Asgardia via our brand new Business Partnership Program


By building your reputation in the Asgardian community of more than 1 million people, your business gets organic traffic with a stream of new customers.


You can and you will find your target audience in Asgardia. The First Space Nation is an international community of forward-looking people of different professions, hobbies and interests.  Asgardia’s worldwide presence allows us to promote both digital and local businesses.

Take part in creating the new advanced economy — this program is the first step of the Asgardian Financial Ark. For years now, Asgardian officials, advisors, international experts and analysts were focused on the development of the new cutting-edge digital economy. Asgardia is building the most transparent system in the world: a stable, hack-proof and scalable decentralized economy based on blockchain technology. The cornerstone of the system is the Solar, a stablecoin, its issue is supported by funds deposited in an international bank. You have a chance to join the most ambitious unique effort at its very beginning and be a pioneer.

It won’t cost you anything! You pay nothing for this partnership, because our goal is to create an infrastructure for all Asgardians and build an independent economy. Asgardia provides you with a platform, advanced decentralized solutions and support for free

How does the program work? 

First, apply for business partnership. Answer 8 simple questions about you and your business, no sensitive information required. 


After you submit the basic information about your project, an Asgardian representative will contact you to discuss the details and the way your services can be integrated into Asgardia. 


Then, we start connecting our community with your business. Soon, your services are fully integrated into Asgardia. It’s time for action! Offer your products and services, get new customers, grow and develop your business


Asgardia, with its progressive global society, is a unique platform to grow a business, implement ambitious projects and bring the most bold ideas to life! The advanced digital economy of the First Space Nation is offering unlimited possibilities for both digital and local businesses. This program is developed for active ambitious entrepreneurs. If you are one, you’ll know this is an opportunity you can’t miss. 


Vina Lapkes