Send Your Mayor to Asgardia’s Scientific and Investment Congress

Asgardia Unity Day - June 18, 2019 (1 Asgard, 03) - is at hand, and on this beautiful occasion Asgardia is holding a contest for the best Unity Day celebration idea. The First Prize is nothing short of incredible: it’s an invitation to the Asgardian Science and Investment Congress that will be held in Darmstadt, Germany, October 14-17, 2019 

Are you a Mayor or a Mayoral Candidate? If yes, feel free to participate in our new Contest. As the local representative of the Space Nation, you will be organising all the activities in your city related to Asgardia’s Unity Day. As a Contest participant you will have a chance to show your talents as an organiser and win the main prize - an invitation to attend the Asgardian Science and Investment Congress - for the best Unity Day celebration.

Unity Day brings people together under the Asgardian motto of “One Unity, One Humanity.”  You need to unite all of your followers and hold festive events throughout the world.

Come up with a celebration concept, invite Asgardians and potential Asgardian residents, and hold your event. Use your imagination — any ideas are welcome! It can be anything from a cosy meetup in a cafe, flash mob, a musical performance, a lecture on space, a yoga class, a dance party, beach volleyball, a car rally - creativity knows no limits!

To qualify for the contest - and, of course, to compete for the main prize - you will need to make a video of your event and send it to our official email address (see full Contest rules here). Every video we receive will be uploaded to our website where all our residents and subscribers will be able to vote for the one they like best.

Each participant will receive a digital badge in the personal account on Asgardia’s website and an Asgardian branded souvenir as a recognition award.

Unity Day bears a great significance for Asgardia. It’s held every year on 1 Asgard (or 18 June). The Day got its name for the Unified Voting Day when all of Asgardia’s residents were called to vote for the Asgardian Constitution and national symbols. Most voted for the Constitution, and the Declaration of Unity became the ultimate expression of the Asgardian Nation’s values.

Photo credit: ESA

Ivan Cheberko