Asgardia’s Parliament Goes On Social Media

The Asgardian Parliament started an official account on Asgardia’s new social network, featuring prompt up-to-date information of the Space Nation’s full spectrum of activity on a regular basis

The account publishes posts in English and Spanish. 

Its first post focuses on the Asgardian Parliamentarians'  impressions of the First Asgardian Executive Congress held in Vienna, Austria, on 10-12 April, 2019, as well as on the current activities and projects of the Parliament and its members.

This new means of communication between Parliamentarians and Asgardians will not only provide complete and immediate information of the Parliament’s achievements and results, also making it possible to monitor the ongoing work of its Committees and individual AMPs. 

Besides, the Parliament’s presence on the social network offers new opportunities of interactive communication with Asgardia’s supreme body of representative power. 

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Ivan Cheberko