Candidate for Mayor Andreas Riedel: "I feel the „Berlin spirit“ is exactly what Asgardia needs right now to grow as a movement"

Asgardia is electing its mayors, and today we are continuing our series of interviews with the election participants. We will talk with the different candidates for mayor from different countries around the world. We do not specifically select candidates to be interviewed; any candidate who would like to tell about themselves and their campaign to the entire nation of Asgardia has now this opportunity.   

Contact us via email at, with the subject line "interview" and your interview can be the next one. 

Today we glad to introduce to you Mr.Andreas Riedel - the candidate for Asgardia’s mayor from Berlin, Germany. 

- Tell us about yourself; who you are; why did you become a resident of Asgardia?

- I‘m a 40 years old space enthusiast from Germany. Since growing up in Munich I always wanted to spend time abroad because I enjoy getting to know people from different cultures. Due to family ties I frequently visited the USA and lived in Sydney, Australia, before settling down in Berlin eight years ago. 

Professionally I started out in the media industry before becoming a founder/investor in the German startup economy. Currently I focus on carbon offsetting related projects trying to create solutions at the intersection of software technology and climate science. In my spare time I volunteer as legal guardian for underage unaccompanied refugees. My current ward is a teenager originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, who is very dear to me and of whom I am very proud.

Space exploration is deeply fascinating to me. Imagining the vastness of the universe and how tiny our seemingly big world is in comparison awes me at an almost spiritual level. To me, trans-nationalism and generation spanning projects are the next milestones in the development of human societies and perhaps even human evolution. Asgardia is a great platform to explore, discuss and exchange ideas how to achieve this goal. 

- Why have you decided to run for the position of mayor?

- Berlin is one of the most creative and vibrant hubs in Europe for developing new ideas and dream a bit bigger and brighter than anywhere else. I decided to throw my hat into the ring because I feel the „Berlin spirit“ is exactly what Asgardia needs right now to grow as a movement and become the vibrant space nation as envisioned by everyone involved.

- What contributions do you hope to make to your local community during your term as mayor?

- People are the foundation of every movement. As this would be the first term for any mayor I see the most important task in actively engaging with local Asgardians and sharing the idea of a trans-national space nation with as many people as possible. Only with the support of a strong and growing community can we reach common goals. 

Specifically I‘d like to focus on these areas:

Grow the local community and tap into the creative potential of Berlin‘s brain power.

Serve the citizens by engaging the community not only online or on social media but by organizing real life social events, town hall meetings, rallies and informal parties. Spread the word about Asgardia as an evangelist for space exploration in a broad sense: 

- Telling our story to the media; 

- Engaging local businesses, ideally for sponsorship; 

- Inspiring investors, ideally for inclusion of space initiatives in incubators or think tanks; 

- Educating students to become interested in space and space exploration; 

- Connecting with universities in an interdisciplinary approach;

- Networking with the government as Berlin is the seat of the German federal government; 

- Involve the local art and culture scene 

- What problems are Asgardians in your district(city) facing and what would you do to help?

- Sometimes Berlin‘s biggest strength can be our biggest weakness: The local culture strongly encourages personal freedoms and the opportunity to pursue whatever project or interest that appeals to dedicated members of the community.

In this melting pot - buzzing with vibrant, creative and entrepreneurial people - the conversation sometimes can get a bit chaotic. My mayor’s office would aim to serve citizens as a social and organizational center as well as provide a moderating oversight to keep activities in line with Asgardia‘s vision and values. 

- What do you think are the most interesting projects that could be realised in the future by the space nation Asgardia?

- In the short term I would love to renew (especially younger) people‘s excitement about space. Most of us nowadays can’t even see the stars anymore due to light pollution in metropolitan areas. 

Later on I would like Asgardia to enable businesses to get access to space related and extraterrestrial resources. Access should be made available to businesses of all sizes and industry branches. This can start with offering shared access to scientific resources on satellites or research space on low-earth-orbit stations as well as extend to mining operations of rare elements from asteroids.

Considering space exploration I would be excited to establish a supply hub (most likely as a moon base) since this would provide a needed service to all parties active in space and a steady source of income for Asgardia.



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