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Candidate for Mayor Daniel Ross: “When I first heard of Asgardia I joined immediately”

Asgardia is electing its mayors, and today we are starting a series of interviews with the election participants. We will talk with the different candidates for mayor from different countries around the world. We do not specifically select candidates to be interviewed; any candidate who would like to tell about themselves and their campaign to the entire nation of Asgardia has now this opportunity.   Contact us via email at, with the subject line "interview" and your interview can be the next one. 

Today we glad to introduce to you Mr. Daniel Ross - the candidate for Asgardia’s mayor from Frankfurt, Germany. 

- Tell us about yourself; who you are; why did you become a resident of Asgardia?

- I’m Daniel 22 years old coming from Frankfurt. When I first heard of Asgardia I joined immediately, mostly because I’m very cherish for humanity and Looking Forward to become a space civilization.

- Why have you decided to run for the position of Mayor?

- It is one of my life goals to help a community grow. I manage and lead some communities in my lifespan and it’s truly that what I enjoy most in my life. Improving the life of the People and lead them to a same Goal.

- What contributions do you hope to make to your local community during your term as mayor?

- One of the best Methods to form a strong and close community are doing rituals, so I will organize monthly meetups in Frankfurt and be there for the People at a daily base. We will have our own chat group and get to know each other, planning Projects together and connect/Bound.

- What problems are Asgardians in your district(city) facing and what would you do to help?

- Frankfurt is a very expensive City and can Looks very Cold sometimes, I could give financial advice and help wherever I can.

- What do you think are the most interesting projects that could be realised in the future by the space nation Asgardia?

- Teaming up with SpaceX and providing Internet for a People via Satellites.