Candidate for Mayor Quratulain Alvi: "My priority will be the living of my people"

Asgardia is electing its mayors, and today we are continuing our series of interviews with the election participants. We will talk with the different candidates for mayor from different countries around the world. We do not specifically select candidates to be interviewed; any candidate who would like to tell about themselves and their campaign to the entire nation of Asgardia has now this opportunity.   

Contact us via email at, with the subject line "interview" and your interview can be the next one. 

Today we glad to introduce to you Ms. Quratulain Alvi - the candidate for Asgardia’s mayor from Lahore, Pakistan.

Tell us about yourself; who you are; why did you become a resident of Asgardia?

My name is Quratulain - I was born in a village in the Pakistan on August 11th, 1992. My father is a simple farmer who looks after our fields and my mother is a retired teacher. My grandfather was enlisted in Army and earned so much respect in not only in our village but in many other villages. My grandfather was the one who built the first ever girls’ school in our village.

I was born into a family that has inspired many others in the town. I always felt that I had a calling to also go that extra mile and take up that mantel and do something that can inspire many others to follow their dreams as I am watching my dream come true to be a part of the “First Space Nation”.  

I am a true believer of the fact that change is the sign of life. I really trust that this is the time when everyone should develop the courage to accept changes and due to several climate change problems, that are heading towards us day by day, we have to find a place in space and colonize different universes, make new developments and see what GOD has gifted us. I believe that we will soon see another nation that will be known as the “First Space Nation of Asgardia”. Asgardia is the collaboration of people and it’s a fact that when people can help to support each other, incredible things happen.

Why have you decided to run for the position of mayor?

I decided to run for the position of Mayor for my district of Asgardia for a lot of reasons. I always felt a sense of responsibility that I need to help in the improvement of mankind and look to fabricate a more tranquil world, for this situation, assemble a more serene Space Nation.

I also believe that I am a born leader. From the head girl of the school to group leader my leadership qualities are always admired. I am confident that I can more effectively put my skill set to proactive use for the betterment of Asgardia in the role of Mayor. 

I want to fulfil my responsibility to improve the lifestyles of my people and being a Mayor of Asgardia I can do it efficiently by using my skill sets. When I came across Asgardia and this Space Nation it took me no time to decide as I know this is what I am best at and this is what I should be doing. I am confident that you will be happy to see what we as a Nation can accomplish together.  

 What contributions do you hope to make to your local community during   your term as mayor?

My priority will be the living of my people. I plan to promote different cultural activities like sports, concerts and meetings and school and college functions as well. Different competitions can be launched to increase creativity.

Different competitions can be organized with the collaboration of other mayors to help generate some donations that can be further used for the betterment of citizen of Asgardia.

When we work for the improvement of mankind for a peaceful world for each other we should be aware of the fact that we are making a world where the individual needs to effectively take part in the activities according to their skills and are not discouraged by being ignored for the esteem they can offer. I need to ensure that my Mayor's office will be open for everyone.

 What problems are Asgardians in your district (city) facing and what would you do to help?

As I said, I need to ensure that my Mayor's office will be open for everyone. And Mayors are in a unique role of being in the public's eye enough where they can talk actively about situations and topics that may sometimes be lost in the media and frustrate the local citizen because they might think there is not enough coverage or not hearing what they want to hear from their own elected officials. Being able to speak to your citizens is effectively important as what you say to them.

A problem for citizens in many areas is citizens believing they don't hear enough from their own elected officials after being elected. While the other problem is the electricity issue that is a big problem of my district and I want to make my contribution in fixing this issue.

What do you think are the most interesting projects that could be realized    in the future by the space nation Asgardia?

In my opinion the basic and important issue is the need of spreading the voice of Asgardia and give knowledge about what, How and When to the people. We should organize conferences in each country to share the vision of Asgardia with many others.