Candidate for Mayor Stephan Gabos: "I believe Asgardia provides an exciting alternative based on freedom, unity, equality"

Asgardia is electing its mayors, and today we are continuing our series of interviews with the election participants. We will talk with the different candidates for mayor from different countries around the world. We do not specifically select candidates to be interviewed; any candidate who would like to tell about themselves and their campaign to the entire nation of Asgardia has now this opportunity.   

Contact us via email at, with the subject line "interview" and your interview can be the next one. 

Today we glad to introduce to you Mr. Stephan Gabos - the candidate for Asgardia’s mayor from Edmonton, Canada.

Tell us about yourself; who you are; why did you become a resident of Asgardia? 

I was born in Transylvania, Romania and I'm of Hungarian nationality. I immigrated to Canada in 1982. I'm a retired physician, but I'm still involved in biomedical research. My working carrier includes research, administration, and public service in the Government of Alberta. I have a broad range of hobbies and pursue sport activities on land, in air and water. 

I lived in and experienced two different political systems, communism and capitalism. In reality, both are just different sides of the same coin, serving the ruling minority that possesses all the wealth and power over the nation. By 30 years of age, I got so disgusted that I quit politics altogether, that is until now. I believe Asgardia, the Space Nation provides an exciting third alternative to humanity, based on freedom, unity, equality, well-being, prosperity, and knowledge. I wanted to be engaged in building this utopian society, so I became a resident citizen. 

Why have you decided to run for the position of mayor? 

I believe that Asgardia represents the right path forward toward creating a better, brighter future for humankind. I'm running for mayor in my district because I want to serve and contribute to making Asgardia triumphant to the best of my abilities. 

What contributions do you hope to make to your local community during your term as mayor? 

I'm hoping to promote, motivate, energize and lead our community to achieve Asgardia's short- and long-term goals. I will dedicate my knowledge, experience and resources toward serving my community and Asgardia. I will work on resolving local as well as broader issues of importance to my constituents and all Asgardians. 

What problems are Asgardians in your district(city) facing and what would you do to help? 

There are many local and global challenges we are facing today. The immediate issue is voter participation in the mayoral elections. I'm doing my best to inform the public and to generate interest to ensure active involvement in this critical process. Promoting, gaining acceptance, and growing Asgardia is also a priority that I'm hoping to help by networking, creating alliances and strategic partnerships with other organizations, governments, businesses, universities, NGOs, and others. Immediately after the elections, I will establish a team of talented individuals to map out and prioritize the workload, develop strategies, and initiate projects to achieve our goals. 

What do you think are the most interesting projects that could be realized in the future by the space nation Asgardia? 

In the short term, we need to address the detailed governance structure and function of the nation, get full acceptance, and to develop strategic partnerships. In the medium time frame, we need to identify, prioritize and initiate scientific, technical, education, cultural, socio-economic, and other projects. In the long run, we need to develop strategies addressing our ultimate goals of building the space platform, inhabiting the Moon and moving beyond.