Code of Conduct for Asgardian MPs elect

Code of Conduct for Asgardian MPs elect

April 2018 

A. Preamble

In line with the Declaration of Unity and the Constitution of Asgardia, all Asgardians are equal, and  have to behave in a manner that supports continuous growth of Asgardia, its vision and services. This CoC outlines the framework of behaviours, and rules of communication that have to be adhered to by all Asgardians, including those who hold elected/official positions. It is of particular importance that the latter follow this CoC since they represent Asgardia towards its own population, and externally. This CoC provides Asgardians with a reference to avoid misconduct, and is to be used in evaluating own behaviour towards the others, and when considering the behaviour of others. 

The CoC serves to define national identity within the Asgardian community as it sets the standards of interaction based on the shared values and shared responsibilities.

B. Rules of Conduct

The rules of conduct form an important integral part of Asgardia’s community life, and outline the scope for communications, discussions and involvement in any aspects of Asgardia’s internal matters or with external parties, when formulating or influencing relevant policies, laws, and regulations and in all professional and personal interactions.

Any Asgardian will:

1.  Take all reasonable care to ensure that any Asgardians’ work or actions cause no avoidable danger or physical harm to any person.

2.  Respect and preserve nature, natural resources, avoid environmental or human damage.

3.  Avoid deploying technologies that attack or harm Asgardia’s services or infrastructure as well as each users’ own infrastructure.

4. Ensure all measures for the protection and integrity of private information of all users.

Take all reasonable steps, including education and dissemination of knowledge, to ensure Asgardia is open, accessible, and useful to everyone.

5. Respect the generally accepted norms of etiquette for human communications and behavior especially by avoiding communications that are false or are likely to be considered as discourteous, objectionable, malicious, unwanted, or causing unjustified loss of prestige.

6. Avoid fraudulent or deceptive statements. Refrain from criminal activities against individuals or Asgardia as a whole.

7. Recognise and follow this code and accept that obvious behaviour against this code as a whole or in individual parts will be reviewed by the Head of Administration of Asgardia for the benefit of all users upon request and can result in partial, full, intermediate or permanent exclusion, loss of access and exclusion from the community. 

8. Respect the rights of all Asgardians to privacy, freedom, access to information and communication.

9. Treat all Asgardian fairly and on equal terms.

10. Respect and follow generally accepted provisions on intellectual property rights.

11. Encourage others to follow this CoC, and discourage its breaches.

12. Offer and accept honest and constructive criticisms of opinions and work as they relate to this code.

13. Not associate oneself with, and do not allow Asgarida's name be associated with, organisations and/or persons consistently in breach of this code or openly or secretly taking actions against Asgardia.

C. Consequence of violating the Code of Conduct 

  1. Any violation of the Code of Conduct that is brought to the attention of the responsible State Prosecutor (Head of Administration until State Prosecutor takes office) will result in an investigation. 
  2. If the investigation concludes that the CoC is violated, the violator will be suspended from all official positions until the review is completed. In case the review concludes that the suspension was not justified, the individual will be reinstated. In any other case the judgement remains in force and the individual concerned will be officially rejected from any official position. For each case all the steps of the review will be undertaken in their entirety. 

D. Procedure

  1. Until the Parliament operation commences, evaluation of the behavior will be made by the Head of Administration. 
  2. The evidence of the behavior violating the CoC will be collected by the State Prosecutor/Head of Administration and officially filed. Since the compliance to the Code of Conduct is essential for the society, the officials accused of the violation of the CoC will be suspended from their official position at the moment when the State Prosecutor/Head of Administration is in possession of the evidence that illustrates the violation(s) of the CoC. The evidence will be made available to the person concerned.
  3. After the Parliament operation commences the decision of the State Prosecutor will be reviewed and judged by the responsible judge/Head of Administration within the period of 4 month. 
  4. The individual concerned may appeal against the decision at any stage, and will not be charged for the appeal. 
  5. Final decision about the violation of the CoC and respective consequences will be approved by the Head of State.