Counting Commission Releases Parliamentary Voting Results

Asgardia’s Counting Commission has released the results of the voting during the last parliamentary session, which took place on 10-12 January 2019 (10-12 January 0003).

Candidacies of the following acting ministers have been approved: Leon Shpilsky, Minister of Finance; Floris Wuyts, Minister of Science; Ron Schechter, Minister of Citizenship, Olimpia Niglio, Minister of Culture, Philip Appleby, Minister of Safety and Security and Berk Dalver, Minister of Trade and Commerce.

Parliament also approved the possibility of holding special voting to аppoint Ministers of Asgardia, the amendments and additions to the Act of Acts, including the formation of the Secretariat to support the Parliament’s operations, and expanding the Rules and Procedures of Parliament.

Notably, Parliamentarians approved the national budget for 2019 and acknowledged the Act of National Currency and Basic Principles of Economic and Financial System of Asgardia. Parliament voted in favour of tasking the Government with drafting legislation regarding the economic system and the national currency of Asgardia by the next Parliamentary session.

Members of Parliament also voted in favour of confirming Asgardia’s flag, anthem and coat of arms.

The Parliament of Asgardia held its first digital session on 10-12 October 2018 (3-5 October 0002), following its in-person session in Vienna on 24 June 2018 (07 Asgard 0002).


Agenda for theDigital session of the Parliament

Counting Commission  Report

Ivan Cheberko