#CrazyForAsgardia: What Would You do for the Space Nation?

Asgardia is turning 3 years old in less than 3 weeks! We're planning surprises and celebrations of our own, but how about you, our fellow Asgardians? We decided it's time you show us what you've got: send us photos and videos of the most daring, spectacular, and bizarre ways you celebrate our Space Nation!


The conditions of the competition dedicated to the 3rd anniversary of Asgardia are very simple: we welcome any of your creativity. 

Want to knit a sweater with the Coat of Arms? Wonderful! Do it and send us the photo.

Plan to set the flag of Asgardia on top of Kilimanjaro? Great! Do it and send us the video.

Theme party, Asgardia cupcakes, a performance of the National Anthem in the wilderness — we welcome all and any manifestations of your creative potential.

Think, create, share your creativity with us!

Everything you send us will be published and subsequently evaluated by your fellow Asgardians — you determine the winners!

5 winners will get up to 500 Solars, and a shoutout from Asgardia in a feature article each:

  • 1st place — 500 Solars
  • 2nd place — 400 Solars
  • 3rd place — 300 Solars
  • 4th place — 200 Solars
  • 5th place — 100 Solars

Solars can be used for paying resident fees and also for participating in other activities of Asgardia.

Any registered user can vote. Want to secure your chances? Invite your friends!

Use the hashtag #CrazyForAsgardia to submit your amazing contribution before October 12, 00:00 ECT on social media, or post directly to our blog here!

Celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the foundation of Asgarda together!

Note: The implementation of your ideas should not violate the laws of the countries where you are located

Vina Lapkes