'Creating the Right Environment for Life Beyond Earth ASAP Makes Perfect Sense'

A notable British media outlet, The i, offers its insight on the Space Nation’s activity based on its First Space Science and Investment Congress that welcomed an international community of distinguished scholars and entrepreneurs. As the reporter points out, although Asgardia’s seemingly utopian space nesting effort has provoked a fair amount of doubt, its population has also quadrupled as compared to last year’s figures and is currently beyond the 1 million mark.

A closer look shows [Lembit Öpik] is backed by distinguished academics and business people when he says the development of technology for living in space is not simply a flight of fancy.

Creating the right legal, technological and political environment for life beyond Earth asap makes perfect sense.

[Asgardia] might also be in the position to offer the governance that commercial interests from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos will need to operate.

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