Detailed Online Portal for Russian Space Industry Unveiled Today

Roscosmos' commercial subsidiary Glavkosmos gets more customer-friendly with its new rocket and space product internet portal officially unveiled today, November 20

Speaking at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Glavkosmos Director General Dmitry Loskutov says the company needed 'to start being more client-oriented.'

With detailed technical and other descriptions already available in English and in Russian and with more languages to be added soon, the new portal,, features 480 products manufactured by over 75 companies so far.

Loskutov explains that the portal 'is designed to save you time and help customers see what the Russian space industry can provide.'

The portal provides visitors with options like registering personal accounts, chatting with managers online to discuss the product they find interesting, and looking up information on manufacturers, instead of sending out emails, facsimiles, or making phone calls that took longer to process. 


A news outlet described the new portal as enabling customers to 'compare, arrange, combine, and unite products using only one single web resource with a very simple intuitive interface.'

As an inspired Loskutov puts it, 'We hope this is a first step to making it easier to go to the Russian market. That’s a long road.'

Helen Borodina