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Elections of Asgardia's Mayors. Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mayoral elections?

The mayoral elections are a unique opportunity for Asgardian residents to become directly involved with building the nation. Hundreds of people from all over the world will be running campaigns to become the Asgardian representative of their city (or district) on Earth.

What does a mayor do?

Mayors will be responsible for anchoring and organising local communities of Asgardian residents and will also have the following duties:

1.     Representation of Asgardia in their city or district.

2.     City budget planning

3.     Verification of city and district residents

4.     Other duties in accordance with laws to be established by Parliament.

What are the benefits of being a mayor?

There are some great reasons to run for the highly coveted position of mayor:

1.     Become directly involved with building the space nation of Asgardia.

2.     Represent Asgardia in local and district media.

3.     Control local budget spending. 

4.     Appoint and manage your own team including deputies and PR managers.

5.     Help shape the future of humanity in space.

How do I run to become a mayor?

Candidates can submit their applications for running in the elections from 00:00 GMT on August 1, 2018(July 17, 0002) until 00:00 GMT on September 9, 2018 (August 28, 0002). To run for the position of mayor you must:

1.     Be at least 18 years old.

2.     Have completed all mandatory fields of the registration profile on

3.     Have accepted the constitution.

4.     Pay a registration fee of 100 EURO*

Then, head over to and select “Become a Mayor” to start your journey.

How can I vote for a mayor?

To vote for your favourite candidate, head over to and follow the instructions.

How long is the mayor’s term?

Elected mayors hold their position for 1 year with an opportunity to be re-elected.

What cities are eligible to participate in the elections? 

All cities on Earth can participate in the elections. Some cities and regions that have less than 100 residents after 00:00 GMT on September 9, 2018 (August 28, 0002)  may be merged into electoral districts.

My city has less than 100 residents, can I still run or vote for a mayor?

Mayoral candidates from cities with less than 100 Asgardian residents should run campaigns aimed at increasing the number of residents in their cities to the minimally required 100 persons. If the target number of residents hasn’t been reached until 00:00 GMT on September 9, 2018 (August 28, 0002), the candidacies will not be considered.

Alternatively, you can vote for or nominate yourself in a neighboring city and form an electoral district. Nearby cities will be suggested to you on your personal portal.

How many candidates can be nominated in one city?

The number of candidates nominated from a single city or a district is unlimited.

Where can I find out more?

All the information on the mayoral elections can be read in detail on our website. 

and the official decree from Igor Ashurbeyli can be found here: 


*The registration fee must be paid within the period from 00:00 GMT on August 1, 2018 to 23:59 GMT on  September 9, 2018 (from  July 17 until  August 28, 0002). Those residents who have previously made donations are exempt from paying the registration fee. In the case a candidate is not elected as mayor, their registration fee is not reimbursed, but it can be used as the registration fee of a candidate for other government agencies.