Elections of Asgardia's Mayors. Frequently Asked Questions

What are the mayoral elections?

Mayoral elections is an opportunity for Asgardian residents to become directly involved in building the nation. Hundreds of people from all over the world will be running to become an Asgardian representative of their city (or district) on Earth.

What is a Mayor of Asgardia?

A Mayor of Asgardia is a community leader who oversees the initiation and coordination of both the online and offline activity of Asgardian residents in their city or district. Mayors communicate directly with MPs and members of Asgardia's government in their cities, thus facilitating communication between their community and the central government bodies of Asgardia. 

As an authorised representative, a Mayor is the face of Asgardia in their city or district. He/she represents Asgardia in the media and networks with the local community, including thought leaders, business representatives, educational institutions and scientific centres. 

Most importantly, a Mayor is an active and responsible leader able to guide the local Asgardian community, as well as attract new members.

3. What does a Mayor do?

- Mayors represent a connection between Space Nation residents and the Asgardian Administration. They are a portal for their local community members to become more actively involved in all of what Asgardia offers.

- Mayors will perform the following tasks:

- Organising interaction between the Asgardian community and local businesses.

- Working on collaborative projects with local businesses, research centres and other social clusters (e.g. student communities, space-fans clubs).

- Representing Asgardia in local media. 

- Spreading the word about the Space Nation. Communicating ideas, visions and goals. 

- Recruiting new residents. 

What are the benefits of being a Mayor?

There are some great reasons to run for the highly coveted position of Mayor:

1. Become directly involved in the building of Asgardia.

2.Represent Asgardia in the media.

3.Appoint and manage your own team, including deputies and PR managers.

4.Have your voice heard by reporting to Asgardia’s Parliament.

How do I become a candidate?

Candidates can submit their applications from 00:00 СET October the 12th 2018 (Ophiuchus 05, 0002).

To run for the position you must:
1. Be at least 18 years old.

2. Fill out all required fields of the registration profile.

3. Accept the Constitution.

4. Pay a registration fee of €100 .

How can I vote for a Mayor?

To vote for your favourite candidate, head over to the mayoral elections page and follow the instructions.

Where can I find out more?

- Check out our guide. 

- Read election rules.

- Go to the decree-section.

- Email our elections support team at elections-support@asgardia.space

Will elections take place in cities that already have Mayors?

No. Until the mayoral term of office expires, there’ll be no elections in cities that currently have Mayors.

In what cities do mayoral elections take place?
To participate in the elections a city must:

1. Have at least 100 Asgardians.

2. Have a population of at least 5000 people.

What if my city of residence doesn’t meet the requirements?

You can choose the closest city that does in your registration profile and nominate yourself there, or you can grow your electorate by recruiting new Asgardians. The latter is only available for cities with a population over 5000. Keep in mind that you can only choose your city once per election. 

How many candidates can be nominated in one city?

An unlimited number of candidates can be nominated per city or district.

Why do I have to pay registration fee?

To show your voters that you’re serious about your intentions and that you're ready to answer to your electorate.

To partially cover the expense accrued by due diligence of each candidate, as required by European Union law.

Are there any educational requirements to become a Mayor?

No, there are no requirements for education. 

All requirements are listed in the rules.

Can a Mayor can be disqualified?

The rules of mayoral elections are democratic in nature. However, violation of certain provisions makes further participation impossible. 

Those are:

- Violation of the Constitution

- Repeated offensive behaviour 

What will happen if I am the only candidate from my district by the end of the elections?

If you are the only mayoral candidate in your district by the end of the election period, you will automatically become Mayor. Regardless, we advise you aim to receive the support of as many Asgardians as possible.

Whether or not you have competitors in your district, your electorate can become active allies and help you in your activities during your term as a Mayor of Asgardia.