Entering Eternity With Asgardia

Asgardia remains the center of attention of the world’s leading mass media with its focus on the hottest topic: how can humanity survive?

Express online published an article discussing the way the human race can become immortal as a species within the next 25 years. According to Lena De Winne who collaborated with the European Space Agency for 15 years, “the quantum leap” is at the door, and the first human colonies in space are no longer a dream embodied in a sci-fi movie.

The Asgardians’ goal is “the development of space arks, giant craft with artificial gravity where people can live and travel for years” using modern technology. "These developments are certain, - emphasizes Dr. De Winne, Asgardia’s Minister of Information and Communication. - In time, we will indeed 'slip the surly bonds of earth' and begin the long and hazardous business of establishing ourselves across the solar system and ultimately beyond.”

Any earthling has an opportunity to join the nation which already has 20, 000 citizens and 1 million followers from all over the world. The goal of Asgardia’s Head of Nation, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, is to provide the best conditions for both the birth of the first human baby in outer space and peaceful space exploration free of any political wars for dominance. 

Like Dr. De Winne points out, the 1967 Outer Space Treaty regulates any attempts from the “terrestrial powers claiming sovereignty over celestial bodies such as the moon and also outlaws the stationing of nuclear weapons on such platforms. It also insists that the exploration of outer space must be to the benefit of all nations."

Many prominent scholars raised the question of preserving the mankind and ensuring its future existence in the Universe. This brings us to the understanding that Asgardia’s agenda is becoming more and more relevant provided both the increasing outer space threats and the dangers humanity has subjected itself to.

Elena Khmeleva