Gold Medal of Asgardia: First Space Nation's Award Joins World Space Medal Ranks

A regulation on the national award was issued, which institutes the Space Nation’s first official award, the Gold Medal “For Achievements in Space Science” (also known as the Gold Medal of Asgardia). Asgardia’s first state award was endorsed by all of the Supreme Space Council (SSC) members on April 15, 2019, during the sitting in Cologne, Germany

The Gold Medal of Asgardia is a national award established to recognise extraordinary contributions to the advancement of human civilisation into space, to the development of space thinking, to the discovery and exploration of space as the future place of human settlement, to the development of human space flight, and to fundamental and applied space research. 

Мembers of the Supreme Space Council and organisations approved by the SSC have the right to nominate laureates. The Gold Medal of Asgardia will be awarded to persons, teams, institutions and organisations in any area of professional or community activities related to any aspect of human advancement into space.

The SSC approves the final shortlist no later than three months prior to the date of the award ceremony. Afterwards the shortlist of laureats proposed by the SSC has to be approved by the Head of Nation and published as a Decree. 

The Gold Medal is awarded to a maximum of five laureates in one calendar year.

Minister of Information and Communication Lena De Winne told Asgardia Space News that the medal will be awarded for outstanding contribution to space science. 

The Medal may also be awarded, besides scientists, philosophers and cultural luminaries whose work has influenced the formation of humanity’s mindset in what concerns the importance of space as man’s habitat,” Ms. De Winne emphasized.  "Only a person’s, or entity’s, professional achievements and reputation will be the underlying criteria for awarding the Medal."

Asgardia’s first official state award will take its own rightful place among high-profile awards of space agencies around the world, such as NASA and Roscosmos. Among their awards are:

The NASA Space Flight medal, awarded "for significant achievement or service during individual participation as a civilian or military astronaut, pilot, mission specialist, payload specialist, or other space flight participant in a space flight mission." 

The NASA Distinguished Service medal, the highest award that can be bestowed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States. The medal may be presented to any member of the federal government, including both military astronauts and civilian employees.

The NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, an award similar to the NASADistinguished Service Medal, but awarded to non-government personnel. 

Russia’s medal "For Merit in Space Exploration", awarded for achievements in research, development and utilization of outer space, substantial contributions to the development of rocket and space technology and industry, training, research and design activities, as well as for the implementation of international programmes and more.

Roscosmos uses awards and distinctions to reward space scientists and other professionals in the industry, as well as civilians, for outstanding contribution to space exploration. Among such awards are: the Tsiolkovsky, Korolyov and Gagarin medals, as well as signs of distinction For Provision of Spaceflight, For International Collaboration in Spaceflight, and For Facilitating Space Exploration.

Continuing a Soviet tradition, Russia awards the title of “Hero of the Russian Federation” and the “Golden Star” medal, the highest title and reward for service to the Russian Federation, to cosmonauts.

Anastasia Sinitskaya