The Head of Nation: "I Thank Everyone of You for Your Faith in Asgardia"

The Head of Nation addressed the assembled government and parliamentary officials at the historic Asgardia Executive Congress that took place in Vienna, Austria on April 10th-12th, 2019. Dr Igor Ashurbeyli spoke about Asgardia’s future goals and what groundwork had already been completed in reaching them

For the first time ever, representatives from Asgardia’s 12 Parliamentary Committees came together to meet with the 12 ministers of Government. One of the primary reasons for having Parliament and Government together at the Executive Congress was to start to lay out the groundwork for a roadmap to the future.

– I thank everyone of you for your faith in Asgardia, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli said, – For the spark of hope for humanity to forever continue to live, and to procreate, in space, become a flame that never goes out!

Ivan Cheberko