ISS Plastic Waste To Be Turned Into Feedstock

Today, Made In Space says the Braskem Recycler, a plastic recycling unit, will be taken to the ISS early in November aboard a Northrop Grumman commercial cargo resupply flight

The unit will transform plastic into feedstock that will be used to build a Made in Space Additive Manufacturing Facility.

Made in Space's lead engineer Michael Snyder, explains: 'Local manufacturing resources are a crucial capability for space exploration. Demonstrating and validating recycling capabilities on the ISS is an important step towards developing sustainable manufacturing systems that will enable us to venture deeper into the solar system.’

The Braskem Recycler was jointly developed by Brazilian company Braskem and Made in Space  after in 2016, the latter's Additive Manufacturing Facility had 3d-printed the first component out of Braskem's biopolyethylene. The Recycler will turn plastic residue to feedstock to be used by Made in Space's Additive Manufacturing Facility.

Photo credit: Made in Space

Helen Borodina