The International Astronautical Congress starts in Bremen

International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is coming up in Bremen, Germany October 1-5, 2018. 

The IAC is a scientific conference and space exhibition that will bring together over 4,000 leading space actors from around the world. Not only will the participants learn about the latest space innovations but they’ll also make new contacts and forge partnerships.

Global Networking Forum is one of the discussions which will take place at the IAC. Its name is The  International Space Station (ISS) as a «Launch Pad» for the Future Astronautics: Innovative Technologies, Open Architecture, and International Cooperation for Deep Space Missions.
It’s organised by S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. Deputy Head of Asgardian Administration Lena De Winne will be moderating the forum.

This talk is important for the entire industry as it explores the use of the ISS as a launchpad for future human space missions beyond Low Earth Orbit. 

The ISS is a vital component of the human spaceflight program until at least 2024 and, most likely, for the entire next decade. 

Top managers of Roscosmos and NASA (space agencies), RSC Energia and Boeing (ISS integrators) will come together to discuss their long-term vision of space exploration. 

Participants of this prominent discussion are:

Sergey Krikalev, Executive Director for Human Spaceflight, Roscosmos

William Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator for Human Spaceflight, NASA

Evgeny Mikrin, General Designer, RSC Energia

Mark Mulqueen, ISS Program Manager, The Boeing Company

The discussion will start on Monday, October 1 2018, at 16:25 CET.

Location: DLR Hall

IAC is one of the most important events in the space industry. Every year IAC administration selects a new country, agenda and local organiser to ensure everyone has a chance to learn more about the world space industry and become part of it.

The host city this year is Germany’s main space city Bremen. Its space sector includes global players of the field as well as internationally renowned research institutes. This city provides a highly productive environment for gathering the global space community. If you live somewhere in the area,  you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the tremendous event. 

This year’s theme is  "IAC 2018 - involving everyone".