Irina Nikitina: “All people were pleased to be singing the anthem of Asgardia.”

During the cultural session at the Caspian Week Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Asgardian representatives included Nikitina-Hefliger, Chair of the nation’s Culture Committee and the president of the Musical Olympus Foundation. Ms. Nikitina-Hefliger kindly agreed to share her impressions of the results of the session.

How were the news about the First Space Nation received at conference?

The message about Asgardia attracted much interest and curiosity. As you understand, there were sceptics in the audience: Asgardia is too much like a fantasy, a childhood dream. But if one doesn’t dream in childhood, it’s difficult to achieve goals in adult life.

At the end of cultural session, at my request, the anthem of Asgardia was played. And I want to tell you that all of the people were pleased to hum along to the anthem of Asgardia. When the session was over, I had people coming up to me to ask me more about the First Space Nation.  

Has Asgardia’s experience been successful in similar forums and congresses?

The session was moderated by Marco Passalia, who is a member of the Parliament from Ticino, Switzerland. He began session with the question, “Who among you have heard about Asgardia?” Representatives from at least 25 countries were present in the room, and almost no one has heard about Asgardia. Such forums and congresses certainly contribute to the popularization of Asgardia. This is a great start for the development of the state, because it provides a platform where politics and business come together. After meetings such as those in Davos, many discussions are taking place, and serious practical decisions are subsequently made.

In your speech, you said that you prefer to be not a practical person, but a romantic. Tell us, what is your dream about space, and how will it be realised in Asgardia?

Asgardia is not just a separate state in the outer space, but above all, this is a society of people who treat each other with respect. We all dream of such reciprocity, which is greatly lacking on Earth. “Respect” means no condemnation nor reproach; it is important not to forget about human dignity, conscience and honor.

You said that Asgardia has no borders: no national, no religious, no borders at all. Will Asgardians be able to maintain this freedom?

First of all, Asgardia is a society of free people. This is a society where you cannot be forbidden to believe in a miracle. Inner freedom of choice is inherent in every Asgardian. In order to preserve it, it is necessary to create favorable external conditions, to build them out of respect for each other, because if we have respect, then there will always be inner freedom of choice.