Lembit Öpik: "Dr. Ashurbeyli has opened the door to a credible space habitation agenda"

On June 18, Asgardia’s Unity Day, a prominent politician and former member of the British Parliament Lembit Öpik shared his insight on the innovative nature of the world’s first Space Nation. The article came out on one of the UK’s most popular independent political blogs Comment Central supported by academic contributors from the world’s leading schools like the University of Cambridge and the University of California Berkeley

As the Chair of Asgardian Parliament points out, so far, Earth nations have greatly suffered from people’s vested interests which have been winning over the collective good. Mr. Öpik names Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, the Head of Nation, a leader pursuing quite the opposite and, therefore, focusing on the development of space programs that would allow the mankind to make outer space its permanent habitat by 2043.

Currently, Asgardia has 12 key areas of activity from “Culture” to “Trade and Commerce” and 12 ministers in charge of each one of those. An Executive Congress in Vienna that took place in April 2019 bonded the government members’ collective effort in their project work.

According to Lembit Öpik, the collective interest is the main vehicle of any Asgardian activity which makes it special and innovative, as opposed to any selfish ideas that have only submerged the planet’s population in turf wars and a permanent state of crisis. He emphasized the fact that for Asgardians, “military intervention can never be on the agenda”: the concept of space wars crosses out any potential winners since “everybody dies”. Therefore, Asgardia’s focus is the search for alternative solutions free of any terrestrial, specific country-bound interests. The first Space Nation looks farther beyond: “Earth is great - but not the end point”.

The first steps on the stairway to the heavens are being made here and now, on Earth, though: for instance, this is the way the state government system works. This authentic political community was built over a short time period, and remote telecommunications have been its firm foundation. Mr. Öpik considers that “vital for space-based nation building”.

Lately, Asgardia has been getting a fair amount of attention from the world’s leading mass media. This year, prominent newspapers like The Telegraph, The Daily Express and others published articles discussing the world’s first Space Nation.