Lembit Öpik welcomes Rohit Talwar to Parliament after London Verification

Chairman of Parliament Lembit Öpik meets with Asgardian Member of Parliament and global futurist Rohit Talwar in London for in-person verification.

The finalisation of Parliament continues as key members of Government and Parliament travel around the world to meet and personally verify elected Asgardian Members of Parliament (AMPs) that were unable to attend the first Parliamentary session in Vienna.

Due to the importance of the position a Member of Parliament holds in Asgardia, verification of elected AMPs is conducted in-person by top officials to ensure the authenticity of the AMPs credentials and identity.

The Head of Nation issued Decree Number 21 on 7th August (July 23, 0002), giving a deadline of 12th October (October 5, 0002) for unverified AMPs to complete the in-person verification procedure.

Following on from the last verification conference in Istanbul  Lembit Öpik returned to the United Kingdom to undertake another round of verifications of English AMPs. On 15th August, Mr. Öpik met with Rohit Talwar, a well-known global futurist and now a fully verified Asgardian Member of Parliament.

“It was a genuine pleasure to meet with Lembit Öpik for the formal verification process, and perhaps more importantly, to have a chance to discuss the future evolution of the Asgardia initiative,“ said Talwar shortly after their meeting.

“It was fantastic to hear about Lembit's commitment to establishing and embedding a robust parliamentary process and encouraging the active engagement of all MPs,” he added.

Talwar is the founder and CEO of Fast Future Research, an award-winning speaker on future trends, and a successful innovation strategist.

Rohit’s experience as a futurist allows him to have his finger on the pulse of the changing world and identify the trends that are shaping the future. His insights could help Asgardia to create some very forward-thinking legislation for emerging technology that the current world hasn’t yet fully adopted.

“We also had a fascinating conversation regarding the economic model, charging for citizenship, and providing absolute clarity on how citizens' funds would be spent,” Rohit continued after his meeting.

Asgardia has some significant plans over the next 25 years to make progress on several goals, including permanent habitation of space. Addressing the challenges and opportunities ahead, Rohit said, “We are at the very early stages of the Asgardia initiative and we will undoubtedly have some challenges, but I believe that openness from the outset will be our biggest strength and could also become a way of being that other governments might learn from. “

Looking towards Asgardia’s future development, Rohit explained that he “was delighted to see strong commonality in our thinking about openness, collaboration, citizen engagement, and global community outreach as critical to building a robust understanding of the initiative and growing global support for it.”