The Chairman finalises Committees structure

Asgardia’s legislative body has carried out an important step by finalising the selection of the Chair and Deputy Chair for each of the twelve Parliamentary Сommittees. The list of Chairs and Deputies of Committees is confirmed and signed by Chairman of Parliament of Asgardia.

Each Parliamentary Committee in Asgardia is responsible for a specific element of legislation that mirrors the nation’s Ministries. Each Committee is comprised of Asgardian Members of Parliament (AMPs) whose main task is to debate legislation and proposed changes as well as adopt Laws.

The job of each Committee Chair is to ensure the smooth operation of Сommittees and coordination between other Committees and their newly elected Chairs. Parliamentary operations will begin picking up the pace and Asgardia’s much-needed legislation will start to be put in place.

The establishment of laws and rules within Asgardia is vital for the success of the nation. They provide a framework that empowers and protects the residents giving a common frame of reference for their interactions from business dealings to personal disputes. 

Here is the list of each Committee and their respective Chair and Deputy Chair.

Anna Grigg