Ariadne Gallardo AMP. Mexico: "The elections are a way to bring together the Asgardian base and the people who are interested in spreading the values of our space Nation"

- How do you feel about the mayoral elections

- I am hopeful that the position of mayor will facilitate connecting the Asgardian leadership with the people who are  motivated to participate. I live in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico and we have 101 citizens whom we know only by name, and that includes some who don’t have a profile photo. I am fortunate that another Member of Parliament lives in the same city as me. His name is Oskar Mejía Mendizabal.

- Why do you think elections are important for Asgardia?

The elections are a way to bring together the Asgardian base and the people who are interested in spreading the values of our space Nation, to permeate the global social network, from city to city, and to influence the decisions that will help us grow and promote our goals in the areas of education, culture, technology and science.

- What impact do you think we can expect from the mayors?

Undoubtedly, Asgardia set in motion the process that links us together as a society, expanding beyond social networks. Mayors will have to contact research centres, universities and colleges in their cities to promote Asgardia. They will also represent Asgardia in the media and to cultural and artistic groups so people will have an understanding of what it is like to be an Asgardian. Mayors will help us to build the values we wish to see and need in every Asgardian in the world.

- What do you think is the most important job that the mayor will have to do?

Joining with the Minister of Government to develop ideas together, while adhering to Asgardia’s Constitution and to the laws that we implement to give certainty and transparency to the necessary processes; recognizing other Asgardians of the city and their potential to manage tasks; to be a proactive axis to generate funding together with the ministries of finance and manufacturing, which should place projects to be implemented in each city where an Asgardian mayor is located.

- Is there anything you would say to mayoral candidates or future mayors?

Don’t let the payment of the fee to stop you from being with us in our mission to join together as a nation. Every pioneer among us could easily be helpless, but together we are strong. I would also say ask, respect the values we have and take advantage of your potential so that tomorrow you can say: "What we achieved in Asgardia is a fact, and I have contributed to that.”

- Do you have any other comment on the topic of mayors in Asgardia?

Just to remind the candidates that every beginning is difficult, and we listen to ideas and work on issues as they come up. As we move forward with the ideal of building a new paradigm where humanity is aware of the necessity for a change, we are there at the forefront. My twitter handle as a Parliament Member is @AsgardiMp, and I am at the disposal of all those who want to ask us something so that we can move forward together.