Jean-Philippe Paquette, AMP, Canada: " The space nation of Asgardia is not only for people that have an interest in space, it is for everybody

(version française)

- How do you feel about the mayoral elections?

- I feel great about the mayoral elections as this is a unique opportunity for everyone on Earth to become a part of history and actively participate in the growth of Asgardia.
I can't wait to read more about the candidates as I am sure they will turn out to be amazing people with great ideas.

 - Why do you think elections are so important for Asgardia?

- The elections are important for Asgardia because we need to build effective communication with the world and having mayors in each country and multiple cities will help our voice as a nation be heard everywhere. Plus, it allows us to talk more directly to local authorities and business owners, therefore engage them in building the space nation.

 - What impact do you think we can expect from having mayors?

It will definitely have a positive impact on the reputation of Asgardia. I expect the number of residents to double and even triple in the year following the elections. I hope that many problems will be addressed with the help of the Mayors and the Parliament will support them a great deal with their wise decisions. 

- What do you think is the most important job that a mayor will need to do?

- The most important job is to communicate the Head of Nation’s and Parliament’s vision of a space nation to people that might not have heard of Asgardia yet. Nothing is more efficient to get recognition than having passionate individuals who can share their thoughts and beliefs with others.
- What else would you like to say to the candidates and future mayors?

- If you have a vision to share with your local communities and would like to see your city playing a great role within the space nation of Asgardia, don't be afraid: go around, organize events, talk to people. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.
 - Other comments you’d like to make on the topic of mayors in Asgardia?

- In my opinion, the space nation of Asgardia is not only for people that have an interest in space, it is for everybody. There is a new space age that has started and it’s only a matter of time before we, humans, become a multi-planetary species. The impact will be tremendous so we need to get prepared and put our differences aside. United under one space nation, we can achieve this and live in harmony.