Ministers and MPs Work Together for Asgardia’s Future at Parliament’s 4th Digital Session

On Saturday, July 27, for the first time since its establishment this April during the historic First Executive Congress, the Government, through the Prime Minister and her cabinet, had the pleasure and honor of participating in the 4th Digital Session of the Parliament of Asgardia. The session was a huge success: one hundred percent digital, conducted without any inconvenience. During the sitting, various topics of interest to our Nation and Asgardians were covered.

The participation from the government was constituted by Ana Mercedes Díaz — the Prime Minister, Markus Gronbach — Minister of Justice, Philip Appleby — Minister of Safety and Security, Stephane Caiveau — Minister of Trade and Commerce, Lena De Winne — Minister of Information and Communication, Yana Smelyansky — Minister of Equity and Resources, Ron Schechter — Minister of Citizenship, Leon Shpilsky — Minister of Finance, and Floris Wuyts — Minister of Science. Various questions raised by the members of Parliament were answered.

Undoubtedly, this marks the beginning of a stage of compromise between the two public powers, a fundamental and essential step towards the achievement of our Nation’s objectives. The interaction between both branches allows the work agreement that will boost Asgardia in all areas, which is why the invitation made by Parliament in order to be part of such an important legislative event, is very significant.

It is necessary to keep the approach reached during the session, so from now on the goal should be the mutual attempt of understanding for the materialization of the proposed objectives. With our eyes set on the horizon, our united wills to achieve it, and our actions aimed at walking together the route that will lead us to it, the Government and Parliament will work together for the future of the Space Nation, making the citizens proud.

The above message was forwarded from the office of Ana Mercedes Diaz, the Prime Minister of Asgardia

Vina Lapkes