"Everything we have in the modern world was just a dream at some point"

During the economic session at the 2019 Caspian Week Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Ruslan Ashurbeyli acted as a special representative of the Head of Nation. Mr. Ruslan Ashurbeyli kindly agreed to share his impressions from the event.

How were news about the First Space Nation received at conference?
When we introduced Asgardia, the first reaction of people who have never heard about Asgardia was confusion, attendees were baffled. However, some time later, when a number of facts and figures characterizing Asgardia was presented, people became more curious and interested in the first space nation.

Has Asgardia’s experience been successful at similar forums and congresses?
With regard to the 2019 Caspian Week Conference in Davos, I find the experience very successful. Immediately after the presentation, and in the following days, a lot of people have approached us with various questions and proposals for cooperation. Many people simply got acquainted with us and learned about Asgardia spontaneously. In both cases, it can be very useful —  the more people know about Asgardia, the more Asgardians there will be

Critics often say that Asgardia is divorced from reality, that it sounds more like a childish dream. What can you say to this?

Everything in the world today used to be a dream. Icarus dreamed of flying. Leonardo Da Vinci described the submarine before it was even possible to imagine. Wasn’t the horseless carriage a dream once? Today, flying, diving and driving have become routine. Not to mention, just 20 years ago, who could imagine we’d call each other using wireless phones from anywhere in the world? And video chat, too. Dreams are great. What matters is making them come true, turning dreams into reality!

Anastasia Sinitskaya