Leon Shpilsky: "We Have Received Attention from Some Prominent Investors"

Mr. Leon Shpilsky, Asgardia's Finance Minister, presented the conceptual model of the Asgardian economic system in Davos, Switzerland. Afterwards, Shpilsky shared his impressions of the session:

- We saw real interest in the idea of a Space Nation and in Asgardia itself. I was not given an opportunity to answer questions by the attendees during the session, but after it ended, I was surrounded by people asking lots of questions regarding our state, our plans, our vision. I spent an hour talking to them - many asked how to become a citizen of the Space Nation. Some were wondering about investment possibilities. 

 We have received attention from some prominent investors who demonstrated interest in Asgardia and our projects - we discussed making arrangements for follow-up meetings to share the details of our projects.

Many people were asking for the business plan of Asgardia AG. Also, there were many technical questions. 

In general, we made a good impression, and we have the sense of high interest in Asgardia and its businesses.

The number of participants of the conference in Davos rose to over 1300 and discussions focused on the future of new technologies, especially blockchain based applications in the commercial and non-commercial fields.  Among the honored guests of the 2019 conference are representatives of UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Organization (UNEA) - Secretariat of the Tehran Convention, Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ivan Cheberko