Parliament Accepts Amendments to the Act on Acts

The ‘Act on the Enactment of Legislative Acts’ known as the Act on Acts, was one of the first Laws to be put forward in Asgardia – it was first introduced in Parliament’s first live session in Vienna on the 24th of June 2018 where members of Parliament passed it in principle and, as outlined in Decree 22, it received ascent, with the understanding that some minor amendments to the wording would be further discussed and voted on by Parliament

The Act on Acts, is an important piece of legislation that outlines the rules on which an act goes from being a concept to becoming one of Asgardia’s Laws. Among the various legal mechanisms contained in the Act, it describes the minimum number of votes needed to pass a law and, the Head of Nation’s Rights on giving assent to that law.

During Parliament’s First Digital Session in Autumn, voting on the amendments to the Act on Acts was officially opened and votes were collected at the end of the 3-day sitting for counting and verification.

Each of the proposed amendments to the wording of the Act were passed with an overwhelming majority, the lowest passing with 78.57% approval from the Members of Parliament. Now that the votes have been passed, the changes have been accepted and the law has been amended according to due process.


Act on Acts (Amended at the First Digital Session of the Parliament of Asgardia on 03-05 October 0002 (10-12 October 2018))