Pitch Your Business: Asgardia Welcomes Proposals from Entrepreneurs

Asgardia launches a new approach to interacting with the business community, setting up a special page for submitting ideas the Space Nation can help make a reality. Entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to pitch their idea directly to Asgardia

In order to submit a business proposal to Asgardia, an applicant should write a business pitch, including a short description of the project and the form of cooperation they expect from Asgardia (for example, joint venture, investment, licensing or royalty agreement, referral services, marketplace, etc.) Also, applicants are expected to provide some additional information about themselves and their previous business experiences.

‘We have many Аsgardians who want to sell and/or buy something through our website. We see serious potential for some sort of economic activity within the nation,’ says Leon Shpilsky, Asgardian Minister of Finance.

In addition to Asgardia’s potential as a platform for launching new businesses, Leon Shpilsky brought up the idea of collective financial benefits Asgardian citizens could receive from various corporate entities.

‘We are also looking at various group insurance program options we can offer to our citizens. For instance,  all Asgardians might be able to receive some discounts on various goods and services including various insurance products.  These are specific benefits, and of course, I think many people will be happy to take advantage of them because it would truly be beneficial to them. As a result, it would be financially beneficial to be an Asgardian and to pay the mandatory annual citizenship fees to Asgardia.’

These and other business ideas have been voiced by Asgardia’s government officials following this year’s first Digital Session of Parliament and the Finance Minister’s participation in the Caspian Week economic forum in Davos. Now, Asgardia wants to hear what you have to offer!

Ivan Cheberko