Preparations for ASIC 2019 are in Full Swing

Floris Wuyts, President of the First Asgardia Space Science and Investment Congress (ASIC), Minister of Science of Asgardia, and Science Committee Chair Luca Sorriso-Valvo say that preparations for the event, which will start tomorrow, are in full swing

Already today, participants from all over the world come to Darmstadt. According to Floris Wuyts, ‘At our first Congress we have a turn out of the world top experts. And this is just a start’

The first Asgardia Space Science and Investment Congress (ASIC), held in Darmstadt, Germany, October 14-16, brings together scientists, aerospace industry specialists, and investors to discuss solutions to make humanity’s future in space possible. To ‘Pave the road to living in space,’ we need solutions to overcoming cosmic radiation, learning to live in artificial and lunar gravity, and, most importantly, human children must be born, and grow up, in space. The Congress also addresses topics like life support systems, space tourism, energy harvesting, recycling, human performance, commercial space transportation, space physiology, new materials, space architecture, counter measures, astrobiology, water and oxygen supply, space debris, and space weather.

Ivan Cheberko