Ruslan Ashurbeyli’s official welcoming speech in Davos

My name is Ruslan Ashurbeyli, and I am a special representative of the Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli.  

I’m happy to welcome you on behalf of the Space Nation Asgardia. Asgardia is the first space nation in humanity’s history, created at the end of 2016. The population of Asgardia as of today exceeds 1 million Earthlings who reside in more than 200 countries all over the globe. 

Asgardia’s motto is: One humanity – one unity. 

Asgardia’s main mission is the birth of the first human in space. Such an event will be symbolic of humanity’s eternal existence. 

To reach this goal, we must solve three main problems: 

1. Achieve recognition of Asgardia as a full-fledged, independent nation. 

2. Solve the issues of artificial gravity, protection from cosmic radiation, and building a space ark. 

3. Build an effective economic system of Asgardia. 

Leon Shpilsky, Asgardia’s Minister of Finance, will address the third component – our economic system. Thank you for your attention – and now the word goes to Mr. Shpilsky.


Ivan Cheberko