Sci Fi Sunday October 13 - 20 2019

We have the top sci-fi news of the week! A new trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate gives T-800 a name. ‘The Man in High Castle’ series on Amazon Prime is coming to an end and we’ve got the new trailer for the final season! Apple TV+ shows faith in their original series and renews ‘For All Mankind’ and ‘See’ before their initial release. The CW ordered the next season of their summer sci-fi series Pandora. SNL and David Harbor poked fun at ‘Joker’ with Sesame Street parody video.

New Red Band Trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate gives Arnies T-800 a name

Paramount Pictures has released an extended Red Band TV spot giving us a great look at ‘Terminator: Dark Fate.’ Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 appears to have been living among humans for a while and has taken on a name - Carl.

Official synopsis:

More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race. Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) is living a simple life in Mexico City with her brother (Diego Boneta) and father when a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator – a Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) – travels back through time to hunt and kill her. Dani’s survival depends on her joining forces with two warriors: Grace (Mackenzie Davis), an enhanced super-soldier from the future, and a battle-hardened Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). As the Rev-9 ruthlessly destroys everything and everyone in its path on the hunt for Dani, the three are led to a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from Sarah’s past that may be their last best hope.

Will you be going to see the latest installment of the Terminator franchise? ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ will hit theaters on November 1st, 2019!

The trailer for the fourth and final season of Amazon Studios ‘The Man In The High Castle’ was released

Amazon Studios' adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s award-winning ‘The Man in the High Castle’ has given fans a look at an alternate history in which the Nazi’s triumphed in WWII with three riveting seasons so far. With just 10 episodes left, the trailer for the fourth and final season of this outstanding series gives us a look at what to expect when the show returns next month. 

Official synopsis:

The Resistance becomes a full-blown rebellion, driven by Juliana Crain’s (Alexa Davalos) visions of a better world. A new Black insurgent movement emerges to fight the forces of Nazism and imperialism. As empires teeter, Chief Inspector Takeshi Kido (Joel De La Fuente) will find himself torn between his duty to his country and the bonds of family. Meanwhile, Reichsmarschall John Smith (Rufus Sewell) will be drawn towards the portal the Nazis have built to another universe and the tantalizing possibility of stepping through a gateway to the path not taken.

The final season arrives on Amazon PrimeVideo on November 15, 2019.

Apple TV+ renewed ‘For All Mankind’ for a second season

Weeks ahead of the premiere of its first season, Apple TV+ announced that it has renewed its original alternate history series ‘For All Mankind’ for a second season. The series imagines a world in which the USSR beat the Americans to the moon in the 1960s, and the space race continued.

The series was created by Ronald D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica) and the cast includes Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones, and Jodi Balfour.  

For All Mankind’ will air on Apple TV+ starting on November 1.

Apple TV+ renewed their original series ‘See’ for a second season

Following the announcement of ‘For All MankindApple TV+ announced that it had ordered a second season of ‘See’ which stars Jason Mamoa. ‘See’ has yet to have it’s first ten-episode first season.

Official synopsis:

Far in a dystopian future, the human race has lost the sense of sight, and society has had to find new ways to interact, build, hunt, and to survive. All of that is challenged when a set of twins is born with sight.

The series was written by Steven Knight (‘Peaky Blinders’) and directed by FrancisLawrence (‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and ‘Mockingjay’).  Knight and Lawrence serve as executive producers along with Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and Kristen Campo.

Jason Momoa stars as Baba Voss, the father of the twins born with sight.  The cast of ‘See’ also includes Alfre Woodard (Paris), Mojean Aria (Gether Bax), Josh Blacker (Witchfinder Warrior), Christian Camargo (Tamacti Jun), Nesta Cooper (Haniwa), Yadira Guevara-Prip (Bow Lion/The Shadow), Hera Hilmar (Maghra), Sylvia Hoeks (Queen Kane), and Archie Madekwe (Kofun).

See’ and Apple TVwill launch on Friday, November 1.  

The CW ordered a second season for their space series ‘Pandora’


Only two weeks after the finale of its first season, the CW announced that it had renewed its sci-fi space series ‘Pandora’. Predictions put its premiere in the summer of 2020.

Official synopsis:

Set in the year 2199, Pandora is a sci-fi action series about a resourceful young woman who has lost everything but finds a new life at Earth’s Space Training Academy, where she and her friends learn to defend the galaxy from threats – both alien and human. When secrets about the nature of her own identity begin to surface, she must uncover the truth, and whether she will be humanity’s savior or the instrument of its destruction.

Pandora stars Priscilla Quintana (Polaroid, Traffik) as Jax (aka Pandora), Oliver Dench as Xander Duvall; Raechelle Banno as Atria Nine; John Harlan Kim as Greg Li; Ben Radcliffe as Ralen; Banita Sandhu as Delaney Pilar; Martin Bobb-Semple as Thomas James Ross and Noah Huntley as Professor Donovan Osborn.

Pandora is executive produced by Altman, Kriozere, Thomas P. Vitale, Karine Martin, and Chris Philip and produced by Radioactive Fishtank (ABC’s Castle), Vital Signs Entertainment and Starlings Television. Pandora is distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

‘SNL’ and David Harbour pokes fun at ‘Joker’ with parody video entitled ‘Grouch’

You had to have been living in a trash can to not have heard about the parody skit Saturday Night Live and host David Harbour produced called ‘Grouch’. The parody brings ‘Sesame Street’ to the grittiness of the movie ‘Joker’.

Rebekah Berg