Week 17.09-24.09

Both startups and more established companies offer products and services that could be of use to Asgardia as they work toward their long-term goal of setting up habitable platforms in low-Earth orbit. For today’s theme let’s take a look at some businesses that are of interest:

First, we have Bo Shao – a technologist who was the brains behind EachNet, once the largest consumer e-commerce website in China (later sold to eBay). However, Bo’s interests went well beyond building successful companies. Bo founded the Evolve Foundation, known for its flagship project, the Conscious Accelerator.

Unlike startups that aim to bring basic necessities to the developing world – be it clean water, medical aid or much-needed supplies, the Conscious Accelerator focuses on the psychological well-being and does not discriminate when it comes to human suffering, with a belief that it affects us all, independent of wealth and region. Structured as a philanthropic fund – similar to a venture capitalist fund -- and backed with $100 million of the Evolve Foundation’s funding, it invests in companies that use technology to bring the world to a more peaceful place.

According to the Conscious Accelerator website: "We believe that issues internal to our soul, or our consciousness, hold the key to ending suffering and to prosperity. We believe that these issues are taking center stage as humanity approaches the age of abundance."

Next, there’s Accern, a data design startup that offers predictive news analytics solutions to companies as a way to drive intelligent data decisions. Each day, the company watches billions of websites on Public Equities, Commodities, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies, to extract a multitude of insights per story, and crafts tailored predictive news analytics solutions for their clients with flexible delivery options.

Accern uses sophisticated machine-learning models to collect the world’s consensus from over one billion websites to predict fundamental metrics for companies.

Then there is W.B. Walton Enterprises, a company that develops and builds a line of equipment which stops ice and snow from accumulating on satellite earth station antennas and is the leading satellite company for offering quality products, which protect earth stations during poor weather conditions.

De-icing products produced by W.B. Walton Enterprises include a behind the antenna heated system for antennas ranging from 3.7 to 32 meters in size

More recently, they have manufactured a line of de-icing products dubbed the Snow Shield specifically for antennas ranging from 0.6 to 6.3 meters in size. This product uses a PTFE Coated Fabric stretched over the satellite antenna, with a system that can automatically heat up and comes with remote activation and monitoring.

Lastly, Cellint’s TrafficSense monitors population movements in all transportation modes and offers state of the art data and tools to best manage and optimize traffic and transportation for the entire metro area. TrafficSense links to the main switching centers of the mobile network and tracks all active phones in real time, anonymously and passively, to the exact street they are travelling on, pinpointing their exact location in short intervals.

This company could be useful for Asgardia as they work toward building habitable platforms in low-Earth orbit.

The company offers many products and services such as their CitySense product, which monitors useful movements and behaviour patterns of inhabitants and visitors across all modes of transportation modes. 

CitySense is designed to provide state of the art data and tools to best manage and optimize city services and safety, allowing municipalities and governments to best develop their territories and accomplish their economic and cultural goals.

Asgardia is open to start-up companies and encourages every Asgardian to bring their business into Asgardia’s jurisdiction in order to help the economic growth of our space nation.