Supreme Space Council Issues Decision After Its First Meeting

The first meeting of the Supreme Space Council (SSC) of Asgardia took place in the evening of 9 January 2019 remotely via a conference call. The SSC was summoned by Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli a day before the first meeting.  

Present at the first meeting were all of the nominated members of the Council: Head of Nation and Chair of the SSC Dr. Ashurbeyli, Parliament Chair of Asgardia Lembit Opik, Ana Mercedes Diaz, Head of Government of Asgardia, Yun Zhao, Supreme Justice of Asgardia, and Mikhail Spokoyny, Head of Administration of the Head of Nation of Asgardia.

During the meeting, Dr. Ashurbeyli informed members about the immediate objectives of the SSC, including developing legislation regarding the Supreme Space Council prior to the next parliamentary session scheduled on April of this year.

At the centre of the discussion was an appeal from the Chairs and Deputies of 10 Parliamentary Committees regarding an examination of parliamentary activities with respect to compliance with the Constitution, laws and Supreme Values of Asgardia and ethical and business norms. As it has been reported, several MPs have repeatedly violated the requirements of Article 4 of the Constitution, which states the Supreme Values of Asgardia. Complaints from their colleagues covered various instances of misconduct in the channels used for official communications.

Mr. Opik had previously scrutinised these complaints, before they were presented for SSC’s consideration and sent for review to the Supreme Justice of Asgardia. The Chair of Parliament emphasised that the matter has been brought to the attention of other Members of Parliament repeatedly. He also noted the importance of respectful conduct, following past incidents. Mr. Opik suggested that the issues should be considered with respect to each person individually, and decisions be made in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of Asgardia.

The SSC diligently reviewed the information presented by the Parliament Chair and considered various decisions. As the result, three MPs were expelled from Asgardia’s Parliament due to the significant nature of violations, and their access to all accounts in Asgardia’s network have been blocked. Due to the insignificant nature of misconduct, two MPs received a warning regarding the mandatory adherence to the Constitution and laws of Asgardia, and norms and rules of business and parliamentary ethics.  

The materials have been forwarded to Asgardia’s Supreme Justice Mr. Yun Zhao for final judgement. Later that evening, the Supreme Justice reached a conclusion, declaring the decisions of the Supreme Space Council “directly effective and enforceable by the administrative organs”.