Supreme Space Council Nominates Candidates for Asgardia National Award

Supreme Space Council (SSC) of Asgardia held a remote meeting on Scorpius 1, 0003 (September 10, 2019). Its agenda included Nomination of candidates for Asgardia National Award — the Gold Medal 'For achievements in space exploration'. Three people were honored with the first nominations for the National Award in history: Dr. Mark Belakovsky from Russia, Dr. Michael Gillon from Belgium and Dr. Robert Thirsk from Canada.

The Gold Medal of Asgardia is a national award established to recognize extraordinary contributions to the advancement of human civilization into space, to the development of space thinking, to the discovery and exploration of space as the future place of human settlement, to the development of human space flights, and to fundamental and applied space research.

The meeting of the SSC were held on 1 Scorpius, 0003 (10 September, 2019). It was a remote meeting via conference call.

The attendees were: Igor Ashurbeyli, Head of Nation of Asgardia and Chairman of the SSC, Ana Mercedes Diaz, Head of Government of Asgardia, Member of the SSC Lembit Öpik, Chairman of Parliament of Asgardia, Member of the SSC Yun Zhao, Supreme Justice of Asgardia, Member of the SSC, Floris Wuyts, Minister of Science, guest speaker Lena De Winne, Minister of Information and Communication, and guest speaker Dmitry Gulko, Executive Secretary of the meeting.

First, Floris Wuyts presented candidates for the Award for consideration of the SSC. After that Lena DeWinne provided additional information on the nominated candidates and supported them.

Then members of the SSC discussed the proposed candidates.

The discussion was followed by an anonymous vote, after which the following official nominees for the Asgardia National Award were announced: 

• Dr. Mark Belakovsky — Deputy Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP), Moscow, leading manager of major psychosocial isolation experiments conducted between 2007 and 2019 by Russia, the European Space Agency, NASA and China.

• Dr. Michael Gillon — Scientific Manager at the TRAPPIST project and main investigator of exoplanets at the University of Liège.

• Dr. Robert Thirsk — Canadian engineer and physician, and a former Canadian Space Agency astronaut. He holds the Canadian record for the longest stay in space (204 days 18 hours).

These Award nominees will be introduced to the Head of Nation for his approval and publication of an appropriate Decree. 


Ivan Cheberko