Supreme Space Council of Asgardia Summoned

Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli issued Decree No. 29 on 8 January 2019 (8 January 0003), declaring the formation of the Supreme Space Council of Asgardia.

"In accordance with the Constitution of Asgardia and on the basis of an appeal by the majority of Parliamentary Chairs and Deputy Chairs, I hereby declare the formation of the Supreme Space Council of Asgardia," stated the Head of Nation.

Dr. Ashurbelyi has tasked himself with the duties of the Chair of the Supreme Space Council.

The following top officials of Asgardia will comprise the Council: Parliament Chair Lembit Öpik, Government Chair Ana Mercedes Diaz, Head of Administration Mikhail Spokoyny and Supreme Justice of the Court of Asgardia Yun Zhao.

The Decree calls for the first meeting of the Council is to be set immediately. The Head of Nation called for the meeting, aiming to make decisions regarding issues raised by Parliamentarians prior to the digital parliamentary session on 10-12 January.