'The Asgardian Society': Ana Mercedes Diaz on Asgardians and Their Future

Head of Asgardia's Government Ana Mercedes Diaz delivers an address to the people of the Space Nation

Nations, before being so, go through inevitable and necessary evolutionary social processes, through which the development of the different facets that make them up occurs: culture, traditions, rules, values, habits, language, demography, infrastructure, government, laws, and history.

All these factors are decisive and work together to result in the forging of what we call nations. Such result or conformation is not static, but it is subject to a continuous and incessant evolution, whose transforming factor resides in its origin: society. It is society that determines how a Nation evolves, and it is transformed according to the processes carried out by those who make it up.

The Government of a Nation is responsible for routing and directing the various social phenomena that are presented throughout the coexistence of elements and sequence of historical events that materialize it.

Article 34 of Asgardia’s Constitution establishes that one of the powers of the Government is to monitor social processes and interact with its citizens

Asgardia is a unique nation in its style, pioneer in its nature, and therefore its development is also unprecedented, arduous, stony, with an unknown route that — although it has been designed under a vision and mission well determined, as it is the construction of the space society for the protection of the planet Earth, pursues its objective following a path set by itself, unprecedented, without any other guide than that of the passion for society and space.

Asgardian society can be confident that during all these stages of transformation, the Government will go hand in hand to achieve the objectives set and conduct the evolutionary phenomena that occur within it, as an indisputable example of its growth, within the framework of the Supreme Values, the Constitution and the laws of Asgardia.

Thank you for being part of us, thanks for joining us along the way.

We are One Humanity — One Unity, we are Asgardia!

Ana Mercedes Diaz

Prime Minister