The Concept of the Asgardian Economy

The current public administration system is out of date. It is based on the human factor, which leads to cognitive distortions even at the highest levels of social structures.

Asgardia believes that a human-centered government with humanist values can be created. To make this possible, it is necessary to minimize the human factor and the possibility of human error at all possible levels. Over the last decade, many tools have been created to facilitate this. We are mainly talking about decentralized systems. Many startups have created different systems to support the core value of a blockchain (one of the implementations of a decentralized database): no need for trust, so you don't have to trust a third person to use the system.

To create a truly humanist government, first and foremost, it must be transparent and impeccable (and preferably as automated as possible), so that all Asgardians could verify the current state of everything taking place in Asgardia.

The key concept of the new Asgardian economy is "Government as a digital protocol". The foundation of public administration should not be based on the human factor, but rather on a decentralized network that is stable, hack-proof and scalable. 

For each public sector, we will develop a customized digital solution that will optimize processes within a system element. 

The nearest development is decentralized voting. This will be the first full implementation of this option at the Nation level. For Asgardia, it is important to make sure the voting process is transparent. It will be used at many levels, from voting for changes in election regulations to the election of the Head of Nation.

We are currently creating prototypes of many solutions that can replace conservative governance models. Some of these innovations have already been built by enthusiasts, and our goal is to bring them together to achieve a greater goal.

The building blocks of the new system will be Solars. It's a stablecoin, which means 1 Solar = 1 Euro. The issue of Solar is supported by real funds in Asgardian accounts deposited in an international bank (this means we have 100% collateral). We are currently in search of a bank that will become a custodian. 

Solars can be replaced by Euros and vice versa, and will be used in internal transactions within the ecosystem.

Solar's key advantage is decentralization, backed up by one of the most reliable blockchains that has ever been developed. Asgardia will not develop its own blockchain from scratch, as this increases the risks. Instead, the Asgardian team reviewed all current solutions and chose the one that suits us best. 

This is only the first step in creating a new world economy, but it is an important step. In the future, Asgardia can build all of its products on it. Also, in the future, once Asgardia has enough authority and useful services, the price of Solar will be open for further growth.

The ultimate goal is to create a set of digital protocols that will support each process within the state control system. It will be scalable, secure, decentralized, transparent or anonymous (depending on the system's objective).

The main resource of the digital government is information. The Asgardian ecosystem will be designed to collect, store, trade and verify various types of information. Given the huge number of Asgardian research start-ups that have access to parts of the Asgardian databases, this data can be used also to provide services to Asgardian citizens.

A few examples of use:

- Decentralized patent checks ensure that Asgardia has the safest system for innovators to store their knowledge in. An ideal combination of anonymity and transparency will ensure that information about the invention and its use is safely stored only once it is accepted by the author.

- A unified system of health insurance and body parameter analysis will provide medical support to all residents 24/7.

Given the much lower costs of infrastructure maintenance compared to other countries, Asgardia will have lower costs of maintaining the system as compared to conventional countries (due to the availability of a digital protocol). This allows all system revenues to be reinvested back into creating more valuable products for residents and investing in science-oriented start-ups to achieve Asgardia's goal of creating a space Nation.

Asgardia aims to become not only a human-centred government, but also an IT giant. It will be backed by the security coin. The issuance of the security token will allow Asgardian citizens to invest in Asgardia. The allocated funds will be used to acquire and invest in technology, information, and start-ups. 

This will create financial opportunities for every citizen of Asgardia at the same time bringing Asgardia closer to its ultimate goal.

Vina Lapkes