"We Value Every Asgardian's Individuality" (Video)

The biggest gathering of the Asgardian population with a presentation of the world’s first Space State took place in Moscow at the Socium holding event. Yana Smelyansky, Asgardia’s Minister of Equity and Resources, talked about Asgardia’s foundation and its perspectives from a big stage in front of an impressive crowd of visitors

Asgardia’s well-equipped and stylish stand attracted the participants’ active interest: it was surrounded by people all the way through the end of the event. Many were wondering about Asgardia’s philosophy, goals and everyday life. Inspired by the idea of the first Space Nation, 22 people decided to join and filled out their Asgardian followers' applications right on the spot.

“Meeting people in person is very important since personal factor has a huge impact on the virtual country, — says Yana Smelyansky. — This is due to the fact that sometimes, people are quite sceptical about the information on websites until they see who helps us build the first space state in history with their own eyes. Everybody wants to know who the author of the concept is. We tell them about the genius of Igor Ashurbeyli. And people find it really impressive. I would like to emphasize the fact that we value every Asgardian as a person since it impacts the way they take Asgardia in the world way more than any philosophic formulas.” 


According to Smelyansky, Asgardia is a community of free thinkers, beyond any religion, borders and conflicts between countries. “We just don’t want to repeat the mistakes the earthly states made bringing the world to all sorts of fights, conflicts and wars. We think, there should be nothing like that in space: the history should rather take a different path there.”

Like Aksana Prutskova, Asgardian Mayor of Moscow, points out, today’s event was the biggest live reunion of the Asgardians so far. 

“Such gatherings are crucial in spite of the fact that everything is being taken to the Internet nowadays. Hitting buttons on your keyboard is one thing and coming over to meet people in person, getting to know each other better and spotting mutual interests is a whole different story, - says Prutskova. - Today, we were talking to several Asgardians, and all of them were excited about this fantastic opportunity to visit and socialize offline, especially at a large-scale event with a positive vibe like this.”

The Mayor of Moscow believes most of the Asgardians need to see who they ally with and get to know those people. 

“Seeing the sparkle in their eyes, exchanging ideas, finding common interests and discovering that other Asgardians are just as goal-oriented and dedicated as they are is the cornerstone of the Asgardian society-building principle,” - sums up Prutskova.

Ivan Cheberko