The Mayoral Elections are heating up

Two weeks ago, on August 01st Asgardia’s mayoral elections began. During this time, it has already become a significant event for the space nation. Many Asgardians have taken part in the elections by nominating themselves, voting for their candidates, or discussing the various candidates and their programs.

The list of countries and cities continue to grow as new candidates register to participate in the elections. Candidates represent both huge megacities and very small towns and settlements. People from all walks of life seek to become mayors of Asgardia. Among the candidates there are people of all ages, from 19 to 75 years old, proving that it is never too late nor too early to become a leader.
Indeed, in Asgardia anyone can realise their potential and aspirations regardless of age, gender, religion, or his or her geographic location on earth. 

It is heartening to see all the participants show their desire and passion to contribute to the creation and development of the first ever space nation.

Let’s look at the first two weeks of the mayoral elections in figures.