Why Asgardia?

At yesterday’s feast of art, freethinking, and space enthusiasm, an art exhibit ‘In Cosmic Unity: Time and Space’, Asgardia became the center of attention and the main topic of visitors’ conversations. This brought in new members of the Asgardian family: many of those who attended the event joined Space Nation

Tatiana Yankevich, a film director, a Ph.D. in Philosophy, a doctorate student at Moscow State University, and an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Arts and Information Technology, became an Asgardian at the expo. It gave her a feeling that every person is actually a space creature and motivated her to become part of Space Nation.

“Since all of us are children of space and the Universe is not boundless and has its limits, I found its limits here. It’s really great that they “brought space closer” to Earth. Visiting this exhibit, one can feel they are actually a space creature which I really like and find quite promising.

Leonti Ozernikov, an artist, a designer, and a resident of the first Space Nation, getting a symbolic gift from Asgardia

Sergey Gavrilov, a Moscow State Institute of International Relations and MSU graduate, an owner of a rolled metal production company. He first heard of Asgardia at the expo and decided to join the ranks of Space Nation since he believes it’s time for humanity to colonize the Solar System.

Leonti Ozernikov, an artist and a designer, became an Asgardian since he believes nothing happens by accident and is always open to new information about the world. 

“Meeting Asgardia is not a coincidence. There’s a theory that every living being on Earth follows a programmed life scenario at the theater of our Universe. The name of my project exhibited here is ‘Mystery’: I relate to this genre very much since I believe the entire Universe is a mystery. If one takes everything that happens in their life as an event programmed from above, we can benefit from every single encounter in some way.”

Left to right: an artist Alexey Cheremnykh (in the front, wearing a light brown suit), an entrepreneur Sergey Gavrilov (in the back, wearing a red shirt), and a film director Tatiana Yankevich (wearing a snake print suit) ready to join Asgardia

Alexey Cheremnykh, an artist, joined Space Nation at the exhibit. He emphasized the fact that he shares Asgardia’s humanistic values and generally supports the idea of exploring the Solar System.

“I am a humanist by nature, and the statement about the need to provide the appropriate conditions for human birth in space sounds reasonable to me,” said Alexey Cheremnykh. “Before heading to faraway planets, we got to address the core matter: the human replication method.”

Anastasia Sinitskaya