Yet Another Solid Step Towards Nation Building

The First Asgardia Executive Congress in Vienna impressed its participants with  a very high level of organization, amazing spirit of commitment and togetherness, and the hospitality demonstrated by Asgardia. Some of the Congress participants have shared their feelings

Elizabeth Diaz – Minister of Youth and Education:

“Asgardia Executive Congress was beyond my expectations. Unity and Humanity were truly exercised at each step of the event.

Congratulations, and thank you for hospitality!”

Lena De Winne – Minister of Information and Communication:

“Amazing spirit of commitment and togetherness. Yet another solid step towards nation-building has been made under visionary guidance of Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli”.

Stephane Caiveau – Minister of Trade and Commerce:

“As we are building a government guided by our constitution, yet constantly implemented by common consensus, it takes time to get everyone’s feedback, create constructive interactions, and make decisions. Even though we are learning to become an efficient digital Nation, it takes moments like this executive congress in Vienna to adjust our contribution with smiles and personal contacts to realize that we are all in sync.

Now that we have formed our Government, we will be able to strategize a common vision, lay out its road map and milestones, and start acting to impact and shape Asgardia, our Space Nation”.

Fernando Jiménez Motte – Chairman of Manufacturing Committee:

 “Very well organized - hard work of all the organizers and support team! High quality accommodations for Asgardia Ministers, Chairs of Committees and Staff in General. All the participants were very professional in their presentations; positive debate and discussion was promoted. Great hospitality from Asgardia to all international authorities. An overall magnificent Asgardia Executive Congress!”

Ivan Cheberko