Asgardia Begins Building Government

Asgardia’s Prime Minister, Ana Mercedez Diaz, has begun reviewing applications for ministerial positions in the Asgardian Government. By the time applications closed on July 31st, over 700 applications from candidates all over the world had been made.

Applicants are applying for the opportunity to lead the following 12 ministries:

• Information and Communication;

• Citizenship;

• Foreign Affairs;

• Justice;

• Trade and Commerce;

• Science;

• Youth and Education;

• Culture;

• Safety and Security;

• Finance;

• Equity and Resources;

• Manufacturing.

Ms. Diaz stated that the candidates would be evaluated based on both their relevant experience and academic education, as outlined in the Constitution. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed remotely via video conference to ensure ease of access.

Prime Minister Diaz stated: "Asgardia begins by writing its story taking firm steps towards the future. We invite everyone to know its Constitution, its laws and its procedures. Soon we will form the government, another important milestone to being recognized as a nation. What until yesterday was a dream today has become a beautiful awakening. -One humanity, one unity- is more than a phrase ... Asgardia is the future today."

Interviews are expected to commence on the 10th of August and the government selection process is scheduled to complete on the 24th of September, the end of the 90-day period following the election of parliament stated in the Constitution.

Anna Grigg