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Blockhain Could Improve the Way We Treat Mental Health Problems

When it comes to blockchain technology in India, a lot of research and development is currently underway in order to ascertain it’s usefulness. One way in which blockchain could prove beneficial is when it comes to mental health.

As Asgardia works toward their goal of becoming the first ever space nation, who would provide health care for their residents’ developments like these are important to follow.

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the concept for blockchain technology and it gained recognition with the introduction of Bitcoin. However, blockchain is not a new technology,  it is a mix of three technologies that already existed:

1) The Internet

2) Private key cryptography

3) Peer-to-peer network adhering to a protocol

Thus, a blockchain is a list of records (known as ‘blocks’) which make up a virtual chain using cryptography.

By using this technology it’s easy to distribute digital information in a way that cannot be tampered with. A blockchain offers a decentralized database, known as a digital ledger, of transactions that anyone with an internet connection can see.

Moreover, the information on blockchain is accessible across multiple locations and because the data is not stored in one location, it makes it hard for hackers to break into the system. Thus, blockchain is a secure way to share information.

So when it comes to mental health blockchain can offer certain advantages.

For example, data is stored in a single file format, making it easy for people to access and comprehend the data globally. Plus, the data can be easily accessed by clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies. Blockchain can also help stop the loss of historical and relevant data which could lead to better diagnosing and treating of mental illness, with the point of reference available through the data.

Blockchain also provides more control for the patient who can decide who has access to their data at all times.

Of course, there also some disadvantages to blockchain technology. For example, since the tech is still fairly new there is bound to be a lot of trial and error before we can see only the benefits.

There is also a high startup cost since blockchain technology is expensive and necessitates high processing power, which is heavy on electricity consumption.

And of course, the technology still depends on the manual entry of information. So, if someone makes a mistake while inputting the data into the system, that mistake will get stored and distributed.

However, since many health professionals typically depend on the patients’ memory and interpretation of their condition as explained to them by others to help with treatment, the blockchain could really improve this aspect. By using blockchain technology to access accurate and relevant information at the click of a button it could provide much more accurate treatment.  

In India, it is common to see more than one doctor so if all mental health professionals could have access to a uniform system which was used across the board, it would save time and help the mental health professional proceed with treatment options relevant to the person’s condition.

One obstacle preventing people from seeking professional help is a lack of faith in its effectiveness. Thus, access to therapeutic notes would help a patient have a visual representation of the progress they have made while in therapy in addition to the tremendous value it would give to other mental health professionals when the client changes therapists.

If you’d like to ensure the peaceful use of space for everyone as well as connect with forward-looking people who stay on top of the latest technology developments then join Asgardia today!

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